Shan Michaels

Title: Held by threads 2022

Artist statement

My wife and I became mothers in Moreton Bay. The foreshore of Woody Point was our first home, the sands of Scott’s Point is where we spent many Sundays.

We used to call Scott’s Point our “magic beach”. Little hands on big rocks, princess costumes on the jetty. Moments making threads in our own family story.

We are wrapped in threads from birth. Towels, and picnic rugs synonymous with the beach. It is the invisible threads that occupy me; the threads between all the versions of myself, threads between time, friends, family.

As a textile artist I am moved by the connection between stitches and cloth and how they form part of a larger piece. I think of community in the same way – moments, people, families all mingling together as parts of a greater, diverse story.

Location of artwork

Scotts Point, Margate Parade, Margate QLD 4019.