Rachel South

Title: Saltation 2022

Artist statement

 A dance of ocean forms, light and texture.

When I take a moment and connect to the landscape, I see the direction of light, the hard and soft forms that appear. I hear the gentle background sounds of the water lapping the shore. All of this draws me to the ocean.

History reminds us that this area was, and still is, a destination for peace, serenity, relaxation and moments for reflection.

This artwork uses colour, shape and texture to evoke the summery, hazy stillness as we flock to catch the sunset. Colour in ‘the magic hour’. Saltation is my expression of this part of Bribie Island, a dreamy dance with the foreshore.

Location of artwork

Bongaree Jetty, First Avenue and Toorbul Lane, Bongaree QLD 4507.