Kylie Harries

Title: Moved with the shade 2022

Artist statement

This mural was inspired by a family Christmas gathering under a beautiful cottonwood tree at Woody Point. The spot was secured early in the morning with strategically placed coolers and tables. We moved with the shade throughout the day, laughing and reminiscing. The passing of the sun across the sky, and the shade cast by the leaves moving across the sand directed our movements.

To make this artwork, I mono-printed fallen leaves from this cottonwood tree and upscaled them so they dominated the footpath. The colours and patterns of the giant leaves will change throughout the day depending on the light and the shadows cast by the surrounding pine trees. I offer this artwork as an invitation to notice and appreciate the special trees that shade and protect us.

Location of artwork

Crockatt Park, 229 Hornibrook Esplanade, Woody Point QLD 4019.