Felicia Lloyd

Title: YOU ARE HERE 2022

Artist statement

The words You are here are written at scale in Morse code and show location physically and psychologically like a marker on a map.  

The phrase responds to the ways in which the audience uses the northern Bongaree foreshore pathways: walking the footpaths for exercise, relaxation and quiet time, social gatherings, wellness and connecting with nature.

Morse code acknowledges the impact WWII had on the development of Bribie Island during that time. Through the use of colour, pattern and an underlying message, Morse code generates a sense of intrigue, while also inviting playful and curious public interaction. 

Drawing on personal experiences of being soothed by the bay and surrounds, the artwork aims to create a pause for those who use the footpath. To consider and meditate upon the phrase You are here, a reminder that you are exactly where you need to be.

Location of artwork

Welsby Parade (northern end), Bongaree QLD 4507.