Blair Garland

Title: Want a cuppa? 2022

Artist statement

As a long-time Scarborough local, I’ve been walking the foreshores on the peninsula for years. During the Covid-19 lockdowns I began to photograph retro homes that appealed to me for their quirkiness, quaintness and nostalgic stirrings. Mostly, I was intrigued by who lived within the walls of these homes. I wanted to knock on the front door, meet the residents, sit, chat and have a cuppa.

By bringing architectural features from iconic local beach cottages to this foreshore footpath, I hope people can tap into neighbourhood connection, and a sense of warmth and slowness that comes with seaside living. The colour palette comes from the Johnson of Australia brand of crockery, which is from the same era as the fibro beach cottages built in the 50s and 60s.

Location of artwork

Scarborough Beach Park, Landsborough Avenue, Scarborough QLD 4020.