Art At Large: Murals

Two sites for the murals

Site 1: Exterior wall of South Pine Indoor Sports Complex

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  • The selected site for the mural is a north-facing exterior brick wall at the rear of the Complex. It is 14 metres long and 3.5 metres high. The total mural area is 49 square metres.
  • The wall faces the carpark accessed from Cribb Road and is visible from the rugby league fields. It is a busy carpark, used by buses to drop off school sports teams as well as sporting club members, players and spectators. There is a wide footpath in front of the wall, which is the key pedestrian concourse from the indoor sports complex leading to netball courts and other playing fields.
  • South Pine Sports Complex is Moreton Bay Regional Council’s premier regional sporting precinct with 40 hectares of the 80-hectare site currently developed, and provision of additional sport and recreation opportunities planned for the future. It is recognised for its premium facilities, hosting an array of State and National tournaments each year.
  • South Pine Sports Complex is home to numerous sporting associations and clubs. The site hosts approximately 10,000 sporting participants each week for training and competition in basketball, soccer, touch football, hockey, rugby league, rugby union, cricket, gymnastics, netball, dog obedience, futsal, Taekwondo, roller derby, volleyball and Australian rules football.
  • This opportunity is to create a mural artwork that responds to the site, surrounds and atmosphere (physicality, teamwork, and high energy). The mural artwork will have broad appeal to the diversity of peoples, sporting codes and cultures who are site users.

Site 2: Exterior wall of Deception Bay Library

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  • The selected site for the mural is the exterior brick wall of Deception Bay Library that faces Bayview Terrace.
  • The entire mural site consists of two sections. One section of wall is closest to the park, and the other section of wall is closest to the bay. The combined area of both walls is approximately 95 square metres.  
    • The wall in Section 1 closest to the park is approximately 14.5 metres long and 3.3 metres high. It has three windows, and four steps leading up to an external door.
    • The wall in Section 2 closest to the bay consists of three angled walls, each measuring approximately 4.2 metres wide and 3.75 metres high. There are three vertical windows recessed behind the angled walls.
  • Deception Bay Library is situated on the corner of Captain Cook Parade and Bayview Terrace. The library is across the road from the Deception Bay foreshore and sits adjacent to Barujugan Park. Opposite the library on Bayview Terrace, there are a number of shops, services and cafes.
  • This commission opportunity is to create a mural artwork that covers the combined area (of both wall sections) and responds to the site and surrounds. The mural artwork will have broad appeal to the diversity of people who visit the library, cafés and shops and locals and visitors who come to enjoy the water, bayside parks and walkways.

Artist opportunity

The required scope of works for the two successful artists chosen for this opportunity includes:

  • facilitating a creative community workshop that connects in some way to the mural site
  • mural concept design package
  • mural delivery.

Note: Each successful artist will be mentored by an experienced mural artist.

Creative workshop with Art At Large mural artists

As part of the Concept Design phase, each artist will design and facilitate a 90-minute creative workshop with local community members.

The aim of the workshop is to engage with:

  • local community members to learn more about what this site means to the community
  • share an artist-led creative experience
  • provide some insight into the artist’s creative process
  • and foster local ownership and pride in the upcoming mural.

The purpose of the workshop is not to co-design the mural concept.

Council has commissioned local artists Brightsiders and Anna Guthrie to create murals in 2024. For more information refer to Brightsiders - South Pine Sports Complex workshop and Anna Guthrie - Deception Bay Library workshop.

Concept design package for the mural

This creative outcome requires one overall concept design for the artist’s allocated mural site.

Concept design package is to include:

  • one concept design (with three variations) to indicate overall intent
  • visual illustrations in digital form that indicate as closely as possible the final creative outcome.

Concept design will be reviewed by the project assessment group. Some concepts may need to be revised in accordance with the artist brief. Final approval of concept design will be advised by early December.

Each artist will be paid a concept development fee of $3,700 + GST, which includes the design and delivery of a workshop with the community as well as materials for the workshop.

Delivery phase

Council will cover the costs and undertake the work of surface preparation at each mural site. Council will also cover the costs and hire of installation equipment and will also purchase the anti-graffiti guard.

Council will specify the paint brands to be used for the delivery of the mural to ensure quality and longevity for up to 7 years.

Upon approval of the final design for each mural, each artist will be invited to quote the costs for labour, paints and paint equipment (For example: brushes, rollers, etc.) to complete the approved mural design and apply two (2) applications of the anti-graffiti guard. To deliver the mural at each site, there is a budget of approximately $7000 - $11000.

Program timeline

By submitting an EOI you are confirming your availability for the following program:

Timeline   Date
EOI open (4 weeks) 14 August 2023
EOI close 11 September 2023
Artist selection 18 September 2023
Concept development (11 weeks) 25 September - 3 November 2023
Concept presentation 7 November 2023
Approval of final design 1 December 2023
Mural delivery for all sites (scheduling to be negotiated) 19 March - 22 April 2024