Wild day of weather a stark reminder to stay away from flood waters

Published 27 February 2022


Moreton Bay Regional Council is warning residents to stay away from flood waters tonight and into tomorrow despite today’s weather system starting to move south.

Mayor Peter Flannery said today’s extraordinary rainfall smashed the Deception Bay and Redcliffe Peninsula area with over 500mm of rain in the last 24 hours, leaving some residents inundated with flood waters and without power.

Murrumba Downs recorded the highest amount of rainfall with 629mm.

“I want to praise the efforts of emergency rescue crews who today saved a number of people who became cut off in their houses at Major Street, Deception Bay,” he said.

“Queensland Police Service (QPS) conducted a swift water rescue to evacuate residents from their homes and to safety at Deception Bay State High School, which was opened up to receive those people before being transported to one of our evacuation centres.

“Queensland Fire and Emergency Service (QFES) attended multiple call outs today, while State Emergency Service (SES) has over accepted 803 requests for assistance, with many still ongoing.

“One car full of people were lucky to escape when their vehicle was swept away by flood waters this afternoon in Narangba. Luckily they were able to cling to a nearby tree until rescue crews were able to reach them.

“These are some of the legitimate, and serious rescues that are still happening right across our region right now, but unfortunately we have many people doing the wrong things.

“QPS had to commit significant resources to protect motorists on the Bruce Highway from absolute stupidity. Cameras picked up multiple vehicles driving on the wrong side of the Bruce Highway, weaving in and out of traffic.

“QPS have also begun handing out infringement notices to motorists who are intentionally driving into flood waters and wasting resources of emergency services.

“I want to reiterate that this is a natural disaster worse than the 2011 floods in many areas, and although most people are doing the right thing there are still too many who aren’t.

“On a much lighter note I want to praise the efforts of Council staff who are going into their fifth straight nightshift manning our evacuation centres, sandbag facilities, our call centres and our Local Disaster Coordination Centre.

“Without their work literally hundreds of residents would be stranded without a place to go, so thank you.

“I’d also like to remind residents to be kind to those staff who are trying their best to help you during such difficult circumstances.

“We have eight evacuation centres currently open, after we opened an additional centre at the Redcliffe Showgrounds to manage the situation at Deception Bay and the Peninsula.

“We currently have roughly 200 people in those centres.

“We have more than 200 roads still closed that we are aware of landslips have become a serious issue in many areas of Moreton Bay including Mount Nebo, Mount Samson and Scarborough Beach Park.

“Council stocked up 100 tonnes of excess sand in preparation for this flood event for our sandbag stations, which we have now run exhausted.

“Unfortunately, all of our suppliers are cut off by flood waters so there will be a wait until we’re able to access more sand, but we will keep residents updated.

“If you haven’t already seen, Education Queensland have closed all schools in the Moreton Bay area tomorrow, so please keep up to date with your local school and the Education Queensland website for updates there.

“Unitywater is urging residents to conserve their water over the coming days until flood levels relieve Mt Crosby and North Pine Water treatment plants that supply Moreton Bay.

“This is a precaution at this point in time and residents have nothing to worry about. Please stay up to date with the Unitywater and SEQ Water websites for more information.

“We are expecting up to 100mm of rain to continue to fall over the next 24 hours and despite a slight easing of conditions, flood levels still remain dangerously high throughout the region.

“So please stay off our roads and remember, if it’s flooded forget it."