Land Buyback program ramps up to secure more wildlife habitat

Published 17 March 2022

Land Buyback

Moreton Bay Regional Council is kicking its habitat preservation program for priority wildlife species into overdrive to ‘Go Green As We Grow’.

Amendments to the Land Buyback for Environmental Purposes policy were unanimously approved yesterday, which will see Council strategically target the purchase of key properties identified as priority ecological acquisitions, through modelling developed in collaboration with Griffith University.

Acting Mayor Jodie Shipway said Moreton Bay already boasted the nation’s most successful koala conservation program at The Mill at Moreton Bay, but more must be done to protect vulnerable species.

“We’ve identified a number of priority properties we want to preserve so that koalas and other rare, threatened or endangered flora and fauna have a home in Moreton Bay forever,” she said.

“I encourage everyone to read the updated policy, because it shows how committed this Council is to environmental protections and that we’re putting our money where our mouth is when it comes to green infrastructure and investment.

“The plan is for these properties to link existing green corridors with each other or create new corridors, so that animals are able to freely move around Moreton Bay and help their numbers grow in the wild.

“This means greater environmental outcomes for ratepayers and it means we can expand our wildlife habitat to create a far greater green networks for wildlife and the community into the future.

“These properties will be acquired through voluntary acquisition and none of the proposed sites currently have houses on them.

“We’ve also brought in new opportunities to partner with other stakeholders, as well as giving residents the opportunity to donate to the program.

“These important changes will help improve outcomes for koalas and the other 118 priority species that call Moreton Bay home, by increasing connectivity between existing green corridors and protected areas.

“Council has recently purchased its third property through the Land Buyback for Environmental Purposes program since its introduction in 2020 and now we’ve got plans to expand our green corridors significantly further to connect our region’s environment.

“Council will now assess our next potential purchases through the Land Buyback for Environmental Purposes program so we can keep the ball rolling on this amazing green initiative.

“Our planning today will go a long way into the future to safeguard our wildlife while ensuring our residents have a place to live that has a strong connection to nature and the environment around us.”

Moreton Bay is the third largest Council in Australia and the fifth fastest growing.

This is just one of many initiatives to help us ‘Go Green As We Grow’ over the coming years.

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