Join the ‘Moreton Army’ to help our flood recovery

Published 02 March 2022

Moreton Army Web.jpg

Moreton Bay’s very own ‘mud army’ will deployed on Friday, and locals are being encouraged to register with Volunteering Queensland to be part of the crew.

Mayor Peter Flannery said Council had already received hundreds of requests from good Samaritans offering to volunteer their time to the recovery effort.

“It’s been heartbreaking to see firsthand the devastating impact these storms have had on various communities across Moreton Bay,” he said.

“The one thing I’ve heard over and over is that Moreton Bay residents want to volunteer their time to help the flood recovery, just like the mud army of Brisbane in the 2011 floods.

“Well, now we’ve created our very own ‘Moreton Army’ that anyone can sign up to through the Volunteering Queensland website.

“Once we have had a chance to process the registrations, Council will deploy and coordinate the first Moreton Army troops to hit the ground on Friday.

“This will entail simple activities like clean-ups and directing residents affected by the floods to services like insurance and state and federal grant money.

“I will never forget the couple I met in Deception Bay, who after losing all their belongings, waded through flood waters to save the lives of two 12-year-old boys stranded on the roof of a car.

“While no one should put themselves in danger by entering flood waters, this is just one of many stories of resilience and community spirit that are coming out of what’s been the worst rain event Moreton Bay has seen in 130 years.

“I’d like to thank the Moreton Bay community for their patience and resilience they’ve shown so far - it’s a privilege to be leading a community that’s pulled together so well right now, enabling us to focus on the crisis areas in most need.

“The reality is that this clean-up and recovery process will take multiple weeks and will take ongoing support from the community if we’re to get through this together.

“Council has already covered hundreds of potholes across the region, we’ve opened our waste facilities to free disaster dumping, deployed skip bins to the worst affect areas, we’re assessing 2,000 properties that have been impacted by floods, and many more initiatives.

“We will continue to get on the front foot with all recovery efforts and are doing everything we can to help get Moreton Bay back to normality as quickly as possible.”

Register your interest for the Moreton Army.

If you support from the Moreton Army, you can request their services by filling out a short request here: Moreton Army - Moreton Bay Regional Council