Budget 2023-24: Self-funded retirees score rates rebate

Published 16 June 2023


For the first time eligible self-funded retirees in Moreton Bay will score a rates rebate worth $75 a year.

Mayor Peter Flannery it meant that all eligible retirees in the Moreton Bay region would now receive some form of financial assistance.

“Following the Federal Budget I heard a lot of self-funded retirees calling into radio stations or saying online that they felt completely forgotten,” Mayor Flannery said.

“I didn’t want that to be the case here.

“Self-funded retirees are not eligible for an age pension or any other type of government-funded income support and often they’re doing it very tough.

“Our $75 rebate is a small way Council can help eligible self-funded retirees, because we all know every penny counts right now.

“In 2020 we introduced a new $100 rates remission for part-pensioners, which benefits 11,600 people across our region.

“That was extended in 2021 to give $250 worth of rates concession over the financial year, which now benefits 21,700.

“So this is another way this Council is doing the right thing by people who’ve done the right thing their entire lives - by paying their taxes and dues.”

Qualifying pensioners receiving the maximum rate of pension under Commonwealth law or in receipt of a Department of Veteran Affairs Gold Repatriation Health Card (for all conditions/TPI) will receive the pensioner rate concession per property of:

  • 50% off gross rates and charges to a maximum of $62.50 per quarter ($250 per annum) or;
  • If receiving a part-pension, $25 per quarter ($100 per annum). 

Eligibility can only be assessed from 1 July 2023 by completing the Pension concession application. If you need help or are unable to complete this application online contact Council.

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