Council endorses DOLA after extensive consultation period

Published 31 March 2021

Queens Beach North DOLA

Council has endorsed a section of Queens Beach North as a permanent Dog Off-Leash Area from April 1 following an extensive public feedback process.

Mayor Peter Flannery said Council received a massive 2,452 survey responses during the 10-week community consultation period, which ultimately informed the final outcome.

“The feedback we received provided hard evidence about the growing demand for off-leash areas on beaches within the region,” he said.

“However it also highlighted the legitimate concerns about a lack of animal control in this area, with negative noise and property impacts for nearby residents.

“To balance these two interests, a shorter 357 metre stretch of Queens Beach North will be designated as a permanent Dog Off-Leash Area (DOLA) for 24 hours, seven days a week.

“We wanted to make sure everyone had the opportunity to have their say so we could make a final informed decision on the needs of both beachgoers and dog owners.

“While 77% of people who took part in the survey supported a DOLA, it was very clear in the feedback that there was also a significant need for more regulation.

“To address those needs we have reduced the size of the area and extra signage will be installed to clearly advise the limits of the area and rules for appropriate use.

“Rangers will be patrolling the site to ensure all facility users are doing the right thing at all times, and have the power to issue infringement notices.

“Dog owners must maintain effective control of their pets at all times, even within the DOLA, and dogs must be leashed while walking from vehicle to the DOLA.

“This has been a great exercise for the Council to better understand the habits and needs of beachgoers and dog owners in our region.

“I want to thank everyone for their patience and I’m glad that we are now able to put to rest a trial that has gone on for four years too long.

“Council is determined to make Moreton Bay Region the most liveable Council in South East Queensland and that includes having diverse options for recreation.

“This DOLA will offer great amenity for the large number of local dog owners and residents across the region who visit Queens Beach North.