Your Home and Living Guides are out now

Published 12 November 2021

Living-Hardiman St PSD 4.png

Two new home and living guides are available to get you thinking about smart design, climate efficiency and affordable living ideas, before you start to build your dream home.

You know how much your house and land package is going to cost, but do you stop to think how much the running costs will be and if the design you’re about to choose will continue to meet the lifestyle you want now and in the future.

The tides are turning, with people demanding decent-sized back yards with room to grow a tree, space for the kids to run around and a private place to enjoy the best climate in the world. Home designs that don’t take advantage of natural ventilation and simple shading techniques result in an overreliance on air conditioning to keep cool in the summer months and an increase in home running costs.

Our home and living guides are full of practical tips and smart ideas to achieve affordable housing and living with a more efficient and functional home. Thinking about the design of your house so it can adapt to the changing life stages of your family with the ability to integrate new technologies can future proof your home and result in a greater return on your investment if you want to sell.

Building a home is a big investment so you need to make every design decision count. These guides will help you to ask the right questions of your house designer and builder before choosing a house design.

  • Is the house designed with privacy in mind?
  • Will air conditioning and heating costs be high?
  • Will the windows let in cooling breezes and warming natural light?
  • Will I have space to grow a tree or some vegies?
  • Is there enough space to have friends over for a BBQ?
  • Is the backyard big enough for the kids play equipment or for the dog to run around?

In Moreton Bay, we want our next generation homes and neighbourhoods to be better for our residents and better for the region. It’s the homes we choose to build that will make for great streets and contribute to the local character of our neighbourhoods.

Read a copy of Your home and living guides before you build.