Wishcycling: The bad habit you need to break

Published 10 November 2019

Aerial view of man laying in garbage

You toss an old tube of toothpaste in the recycling bin thinking someone, somewhere, will sort it out. This is called ‘wishcycling’ and it’s a bad habit that’s doing more harm than good.

Throwing non-recyclable items in your yellow-top recycling bin can contaminate other items - causing all your recycling efforts to go to waste. Literal landfill waste.

This National Recycling Week (11-17 November 2019) take a moment to make sure you know what can and can’t be recycled using our what goes where bin guide and help make wishcycling a thing of the past.

Common items that SHOULD NOT be put in your recycling bin include:

  • plastic bags, cling film, wrappers (recycle these at Coles or Woolworths)
  • polystyrene (including meat or produce trays, cups and styrofoam packaging)
  • nappies (new and used)
  • household batteries (recycle these at Battery World or Aldi)
  • food and beverage containers that have unfinished food or drink in them (clean the container out before recycling)
  • clothing, bedding and other textiles
  • recyclables contained in a bag or box (items must be loose for sorting)
  • garden waste (lawn clippings and other vegetation)
  • dust, dirt, soil, or rocks.

Once you know how to recycle right, tackle your consumption by reducing and reusing. Visit our rethink waste page for tips on composting and other sustainable waste initiatives.