Get that grant

Published 05 February 2019

Grant writing

Each year Council offers grants to support local organisations, individuals and events that contribute to the Moreton Bay Region’s vibrant communities. Our grants team has compiled the below list of top tips to help put you on the path to grant success.

Start early

Giving yourself a head start is critical to a successful application. Although most people find the application process easy, starting early gives you a big advantage. There may be documents to chase up, quotes to arrange, and people to approach for letters of support. Trying to do everything in a rush will not result in the best application.

It’s not about the writing

You don’t have to be a master storyteller to receive a community grant. It’s your project that will be assessed not your writing ability, so focus your efforts on providing key project information requested in the application, ensuring it meets the eligibility criteria.

Do your research

Finding the right grant for your project is an important factor in grant success. Take time to read and understand each of the grant categories and guidelines so you can apply for the grant that is the best fit for your project.

Back yourself

Build a strong case for support by including evidence that demonstrates why your project meets the aims of the grant. Be sure your supporting evidence is relevant to the project, credible, and current.  

Don’t be a stranger 

When in doubt, reach out to the Moreton Bay Regional Council grants team. You can also attend one of the free council grants information session held across the region at the beginning of each grant round.