20 unusual things you can compost

Published 05 May 2019

Onions growing out of compost

More than 26% of waste put into household general waste wheelie bins is organic food or garden waste that could be turned into compost for your garden.

As part of International Composting Awareness Week, we want to help you reduce the amount of organic waste going to landfill by sharing 20 of the lesser known items you can put in your compost.

  1.  Pizza boxes (unwaxed)
  2. Wine corks
  3. Dryer lint
  4. Nail clippings
  5. Used matches
  6. Cotton balls
  7. Snotty tissues
  8. Graded homework
  9. Bills and other paper documents
  10. Hair
  11. Chewing gum (will take a while to break down)
  12. Coffee grounds
  13. Nut shells
  14. Dead bugs (that died naturally)
  15. Tea bags
  16. Contents of your vacuum cleaner
  17. Spoiled tomato sauce or paste
  18. Cotton underpants (remove the elastic)
  19. Toilet rolls
  20. Old jam or preserves

Visit our Composting page for more tips on what you can compost or learn how to make your own compost at our free Composting Workshops on Saturday 11 May.  You can also access free mulch at our waste facilities.