2500 reasons to be active and healthy

Published 18 June 2019

Group of people canoeing

From parkour to surfing, gardening, orienteering and more - our Healthy and Active Moreton calendar is offering more than 2500 free or low-cost activities from July - December 2019.

Bookings open 18 June so we’ve picked some highlights to give you a taste of what’s on offer.

Active Holidays

This program offers plenty of activities to keep the kids active during the school holidays. Choose from baseball, abseiling, hip hop, netball, self-defence, gymnastics, BMX racing and plenty more! Targeted for ages three to 17 years.

Learn to surf

Designed for anyone who wants to give surfing a try, the Bribie Island Surf School's learn to surf lessons will get you safely up and onto your first wave before you’ve had time to worry about falling off.

Fishing for beginners

Tie knots, bait hooks, cast a rod and gain plenty of tips and knowledge to help make your next fishing adventure more successful. 

Extreme Challenge Course

Take on the Extreme Challenge at Frederick Marsden Youth Centre. Climb a pole and jump off to hit a buoy, conquer Jacob's Ladder with a friend, try something new and push yourself to new levels of awesome.


Learn the fundamentals of parkour such as vaulting, precision jumping, controlled safe landings and traversing unknown terrain. Parkour is a great way to train self-awareness while strengthening the body and the mind to overcome daily obstacles.

Nutrition presentations

Learn more about the benefits of different nutrients can have on your brain and emotional well-being. You’ll leave with some top tips on food sources to include in your diet.

Try gateball

Join the Deception Bay Club for a social game of Gateball. You’ll be coached through the 30-minute game(s) and meet other players. This is a non-contact sport with mild physical exercise. It’s like snooker on grass.

 To check out the full list of events and book visit our Healthy and Active Moreton calendar