Meet the artwork: Each precious drop

Published 12 May 2020

In the exhibition, Know your neighbour, artists consider their connections to their neighbourhood, community and country.

In the artwork, Each precious drop, local artist Jennis Ardern explores the treasured moments that occur when we help each other out.

Jennis explains her artistic process, 'Working with resin was a new experience, I experimented with the best way to layer the colour effects and to still have the words as the focus.  I printed the words onto transparencies and added them to the first layer of clear resin letting that set for several hours before adding the coloured swirls to the next layer.'  

Each droplet a unique and moving story. To collect these anecdotes, Jennis spoke to people from her neighbourhood.

About the artwork

We've all heard about how unsafe the world is today. We are bombarded with news stories about unsafe streets, homes and children. Terrible stories from around the world make us feel afraid for the future. And maybe we feel like the only people we can trust are our immediate family or friends because those other people, they are strangers.

'Stranger danger' is a familiar term for most of us, but it is only part of the story. Often there are moments when we step up and help each other out, when we show love and care for others in our community that we don't know. And we have experiences where we have been helped. I believe these stories are important and valuable and need to be shared, handled and treasured.

About the artist

Jennis is an emerging artist living in Kallangur, she spent a childhood learning creative skills from her mother, and finally pursued her love of art through illustration and painting.

In 2018 Jennis received a Regional Arts Development Fund Grant to develop her successful Inner Hero Art workshops where young people designed superheroes based on their own positive qualities.

Jennis’ solo exhibition ‘Patchwork Landscapes’ in 2019, showcased her first installation that invited community engagement, and turned her focus to include interactive art.

Jennis' optimistic artwork provides insights into human relationships and the ways we interact with others and our environments.

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