Pine Rivers Heritage Museum school history excursions

School history excursion wash day

Year one

When visiting Pine Rivers Heritage Museum, your Year One students and supporting adults will discover the world of 1950s Australia. While experiencing some of the highlights of mid-century Australia, children will explore worlds and concepts that are stimulating, inspiring and new to the 21st century primary school student.

Back to the slate board 

Students will delight in this old school experience straight out of the 1950’s! Catapulted back to a time of slate boards and jelly pads, children will experience a class like no other. Lead through their studies by a 1950s styled teacher, children will do their arithmetic after fashioning their own activity sheet using a hectograph.

It’s all fun and games 

Before the innovation of television truly gripped the imaginations of Australian children, hours were spent each evening relishing the simple pleasures of classic street games. Through this activity, Year One students will experience the joy of games from the 1950s. Children will twirl, spin, throw, laugh, and delight in all the amusements that kept their grandparents out ‘til dark.

A suburban dream 

Students are invited to take a journey back in time for dinner. Experiencing family roles as never before, children will assist 1950s housewife ‘Mrs Gamble’ in her preparations for the nightly family meal. Children will have a hand in butter making (and eating!) and be rewarded with a glimpse into the technological revolutions of the decade.

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Year two (and above)

When visiting Pine Rivers Heritage Museum, your year two students and supporting adults will discover the world of colonial Australia. Students will experience life in the 1890’s as they explore early modes of transport, do the washing, and experience an 1890’s classroom.

Penmanship and pollen 

From beeswax to copy books, good manners and beyond, the experience of the old school classroom is sure to delight students and teachers alike! While seated in wooden rows, students will be guided through an in-class exploration of exactly what it was like to be a student in 1890s Australia. 

Through the wringer 

Through the wringer will have students reeling with the truths of the hardships once faced in days past. Up to their elbows in water, students will learn just how tough the weekly laundry was for so many. From mangles to dolly pegs, washboards to coppers, the ease of modern-day life will be highlighted throughout this soap-suds-soaked peek into the past.

Goat busters 

When you need something delivered in your neighbourhood, who are you going to call? Cartwright Wagons & Carriages! Students will work in teams and use a real wooden goat cart as they race to get the week’s produce to the market. Students will have fun dressing up, herding ‘goats’, and gain a deep understanding of colonial transportation. It’s sure to be bleating good time for all! 

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