Madame Weigel - Colonial fashion entrepreneur


Madame Weigel shaped what Australians wear. Her astute observations of fashion all over the world were reimagined to meet our unique Australian conditions. An innovative business woman, her paper pattern series grew to become a vital part of life for many women who sewed at home. She enabled country and isolated women access to contemporary fashion, and to clothe their families for all occasions. Spanning more than nine decades, Weigel’s patterns gathered legions of devoted followers. Madame Weigel: Colonial fashion entrepreneur, examines the extraordinary life and works of a remarkable woman. It features iconic patterns, clothing and soft furnishings, alongside re-created garments made from vintage fabrics.

 Image credit: Madame Weigel pattern (detail). Moreton Bay Regional Council Heritage Collection.

Exhibition developed by the Moreton Bay Regional Council in collaboration with Templin Historical Village Museum and Dr Veronica R. Lampkin. (author of Madame Weigel: The Woman who Clothed the Australasian Colonies).


  • Friday, 01 March 2019 - Sunday, 19 May 2019


Pine Rivers Heritage Museum, Old Petrie Town, 901 - 949 Dayboro Road, Whiteside 4503  View map

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