Learn how to grow herbs and edible flowers at home

Portrait of Sarah Heath

Join Sarah Heath, owner of Basilea Living Herbs and Edible Flowers, at these free workshops and be taken on a journey of greenery and flavour.

Learn which herbs are the easiest to grow. Discover what herbs grow well together and which edible flowers are the tastiest! Find out how to harvest for abundant growth and maximum flavour.

Basilea Living Herbs and Edible Flowers is a local second generation family farm and Sarah has years of experience nurturing edible plants. Sarah will show you how you can create a garden that is both functional and beautiful.

Workshop program 

 If the workshop is fully booked, contact the museum to be added to the waitlist.

Image credit: Sarah Heath, Culinary Herb Educator.


Pine Rivers Heritage Museum, Old Petrie Town, 901 - 949 Dayboro Road, Whiteside 4503  View map

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