What lurks below

Queensland groper

From peculiar slug-like creatures to giants of the sea, explore What lurks below as we dive into the hidden world of the waters surrounding Bribie Island.

Down there we will meet sea creatures that like to hide and ones that we should hide from! There are clever creatures that make potions, ones that look a bit strange and the gentle giants of the sea.

What lurks below is an interactive exhibition for the whole family. Be prepared to get hands on, be amazed...and maybe even be a little bit scared!

Exhibition developed by Moreton Bay Regional Council.

Kids activity pack

On your way out, make sure you pick up a free activity pack, which features Captain Eco, our ocean ambassador. Captain Eco will introduce children to some weird and wonderful sea creatures as well as teach children things that we can do every day to help improve the ocean environment for all our marine friends. Become an ocean ambassador like Captain Eco!


  • Friday, 27 November 2020 - Sunday, 21 February 2021


Bribie Island Seaside Museum, 1 South Esplanade, Bongaree 4507  View map

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